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Chuck Munroe. Second Gen

“We have enough to worry about without some kind of skip in reality.”

The voice comes from Devon Grant as he goes over some report that Charles Munroe really isn’t paying attention to. The slides and displays are shown one after another and the whole time Chuck just twirls the pen in his hand and every now and again clicks it.

“We have to keep aware of all our threats. This isn’t some kind of movie where people come in with guns blazing.”

A casual glance at his watch and Chuck seems to look to the side. He studies the finely crafted oak meeting table and the other agents about and then he sees Raine staring right at him. Lifting up in his chair, Chuck feels slightly embarrassed that someone knew he wasn’t paying attention.

Not wishing to make eye contact and knowing he sure as hell won’t watch the display, Chuck’s eyes wander about. He notices Raine’s coffee cup has a yellow smiley face and his brow furrows. It really didn’t seem professional. His being here didn’t feel professional.

“We have more to worry about then countries that are hostile and simple terrorists. This is a new age we are embarking upon. We have to push past the ignorance that some have towards Homo Superiors and even those of the occult.”

Chuck’s eyes narrow as he tries to concentrate his eyes on the mug as if something was out of place about it. He watches it still as Raine brings it up and those pouty lips sip the contents. And he still watches as she places it down right in front of her.

“This calls upon us to gather all information we can. To study what’s around us and know who we can call friend or enemy.”

And then he makes out the words “Fuck your good day” one her mug and a slight grin pulls. And while he’s grinning he notices Raine’s hand come into his trail of sight and then wave at him. Brows furrowing again, Chuck looks up to Raine and sees her eyes bulge to him as if surprised in him and then looking down to her chest and then she gives a strong point to the display.

“And if none of you have anything else coming up then I’ll close. Thank you for your time.”

Not wanting to even come close to the conversation with Raine and her cleavage, Chuck gets up first and makes a beeline to the meeting room’s door. But then a hand comes on his shoulder while his back is still turned.

“Look Raine. You got a nice pair but I wasn’t staring at them. Grant was just boring the shit out of me.”
“Was I? Maybe I should mix things up more next time Charles.”

Chuck mouths out the word “shit” then turns around and sees Devon is actually smiling. Not sure what to judge by this he waits for Devon to speak.

“Look Charles, I know you haven’t found your click around her yet but you and Raine should work more with each other.”
“I read her profile. Bitch ain’t right in the head.”
“She is now. And she’s give you a chance the least you can do is the same.”
“What chance?”
“She would have jumped across the table and slugged you one for looking at her ‘pair’ in the past.”
I wasn’t. It’s just. Okay. Fine. Can we squash this shit now?”
“Not just yet. Why haven’t you turned your report on X-Factor?”
“Cause I feel like some punk bitch like I’m ratting them out.”
“It’s like that is it?”
“Yeah. So should I turn in my decoder ring now?”
“No. I wanted you on because you know what you’re doing. You have an edge Chuck. So report what you think we need to know.”
“You on the real?”
“I am most surely on the real.”
“Okay. That’s straight.”
“Try and relax Charles. I’m not out to get you.”
“Not the first time I heard that from someone in the government or a suit.”
“You’re wearing a suit too these days.”

Before Chuck can think of a good defense, Devon just gives a smile and walk off with a slight wave.

“Who’s side am I on?”
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