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Misplaced Pryde

About the site.

Right now I'm working on the character listing pages, which, as I'm sure everyone knows, used to be divided into first, second and third generation (2005, 2031 and 2055 as it currently stands), the parts of the site where one would locate So-&-So's character page. I'm hammering out new designs right now, but they all hinge on getting introductory write-ups done for each group, etc.

I plan on handling the generation-based write-ups myself, if only because I have an obsessive comprehension of most of what's gone on (and also I don't want to torture anyone else like that). However, if you could all take a look at the available options under Factions & Groups (click on Characters up top, which will lead you to the menu tree), I'd appreciate it. Gabby wrote the Disciples and Garou-related information for me already, and Brat's currently working on Omni. This is what I need before I can lead to the character-specific pages, and so if you feel that something in particular strikes your fancy and that perhaps you could write for it, I'd love the help.

It is a lot of information, I know, which is why I'm asking. Certain things will be specific to only certain people -- Brat's the only person who can write for the Clinic, as an example, Mike the halfbreeds, myself Chimera, etc., but I'm hoping that there might be something which will be a little more open for everyone else. General lukoi info on what they are and how they work, as an example, rather than the background history of any of the actual packs.

Drop me a line if you have any questions.
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