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On the bits of site I've been throwing about at everyone.

Brat got crazy productive and hammered out three or four different groups' worth of information last night, several of which I got around to posting. Keeping in mind that specific character pages are still not up, Gabby worked with me to finish the Garou and The Disciples info/listings. de Mort and du Vert are likewise completed, although I'd like to eventually add more information to their writeups. Later, perhaps.

I'm writing up notes on Chimera, and should have a listing for that up soon...ish. Austin, want to give me Spyder's real name for reference purposes? I'd like to discuss him with you for the sake of sometime soon.

The Clinic has info up, as does Omni, and Black Hawk and the House ought to by next week. Character listings will also be up for them by next week, I'm hoping, as right now it just hinges on hammering out involved characters with Brat. Pages I can throw up on the site with little effort will wind up being the Halfbreeds, the Hellfire Club, and Raptor. X-Factor will take a little more work, and if you suspect that any of your characters are involved with the team or school in some capacity, or if you'd like a character to be, drop me a line.

A basic template for NPC character pages. Feel free to tell me if you think it's stupid.:

DOB: (including place)
Occupation: (this would include a general overview plus anything that may qualify them for the job and/or any wacky skills they may need/possess)
Major Relationships: (familial or otherwise)
(Basic) Physical Description:

That will encompass pages for a lot of characters, as we have a gazillion "important" NPCs, and I know that some characters will wind up being downgraded to this status.

And now, bed.
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