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A Proposal

Hey there. Slapped in the face by the evil bastard I call muse, I came up with this idea. The girls and I have counseled it over between ourselves, and we wanted to launch it at you guys for your opinions and feelings. I may be the instigator, but that doesn't mean anything really. :o)

So what's in store?
-- The lukoi and their related will be shunted off to another game entirely, set in the Laurell K Hamilton world. They don't interact with the rest of the characters outside themselves very much, and their loss will not really affect the game world. In giving them their own game, it allows us to remain true to the spirit of the environment with no weird craziness. They didn't really fit in with the Marvelverse we had going anyway.

-- The Garou are being culled down to 5 total in game (with Michael, Glory and Hank already counted in that 5). I have a lovely explanation for it, which I'll get into later.

-- Vampires: The Buffyverse ones can easily be merged with Marvelverse, being demonic and all that. Their numbers are few, the Slayer is generally a myth, everything's good. Aspen, and later Vegas, have been too played with, and I couldn't see a way of severing ties without leaving too many gaps. I've limited that kind of vampire's population, and it will be shoved into a corner into less prominence except to those who want to be involved.

-- The Immortals: They are too tied into the world, though Dora wishes they weren't, but we can't break them away from the game as a whole. As insular as they are, it's not too difficult to moosh them over to their own corner as well, putting them on the down-low unless people wanna focus on them. Their storylines will only affect them, not the game world as a whole.

-- Bastet and Corax: Numbering, what, 5 total? They are too small to really disrupt the game world, and frankly the few that we have cannot feasibly be changed into anything else, like a mutant. We're going to fiddle with it a bit more.

-- Groups such as the Order, the House, and Omni: Being that all can be found generically in comicdom, there will be no changes here.

The aim? To attempt to steer ourselves back to the game of old, more comic booky, though admittedly we've been off that path for awhile. However, these aforementioned changes will at least allow us to get back into the feeling that this game is not some patchwork of fanbases. The overall goal is to have ourselves a kind of Marvel/DC/Vertigo thing going on, with a greater emphasis on what brought us all together to begin with. Hopefully, in tinkering around, we can redevelop this game into something we can all enjoy equally, and not have it get divvied up between only a few people.

Also bandied about was the idea of one week a night being set aside for RPing. We're saying Thursday for now, but if any other day would do well, please suggest it. This journal and the board that Dora's hammering together eventually will serve as communication hubs, so we can throw together plots, schedule times for games, in a hope that we can get things done on a more consistent basis. The journal and board also gives the chance for people to RP outside of the set day, so if things need doing they don't have to wait. (Also, so people who don't have the time to spend online can at least post so RPing can be accomplished.) Other information will be made available on the board, as well as some important stuff like a necessary "Gay Pool" forum so we can mock certain people, and (hopefully) a general synopsis for each gen so people aren't "teh what?" all the time.

Future endeavors include our own karaoke bar, recruiting people if we're feeling magnaminous, and a pony for everyone. So please, feedback! Give ideas, concerns, criticisms, thinly-veiled barbs, whatever.
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