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I'm sure you have all heard of the three harpies rumblings, yes? If not, the post below this one should explain the just of it. READ IT OR YOU SHALL PERISH.

On that note...

I am here to tell you of an RP "date" for Thursday, August 4th (It is Thursday as I have become part of a new tradition and no longer available on Wednesdays, on Wednesdays I get happily drunk at a friend's house).

What sort of RP, you ask?

Well, thats what this post is here. If you think your gonna be available make suggestions. If I receive no suggestions before Wednesday of next week Teh Pope decides on her own. You do not wish Teh Pope to decide on her own. If I have to decide on my own I promise you it will be really bad MPREG slash between dragons and their girl loving transsexual wives.

A couple of ideas to throw around would be;

Chimera, anything involving the kids in the base and those that got left behind back at the Mass Academy. (First Gen)

Xavier Institute shizzle, with the school newly opened and thriving it would be easy to cobble something together or just throw many a character out (Second Gen)

Random Immortal shit, we can do the aftermath of the Bianca SL, set maybe six months to a year after the whole mess or anything for that matter (Can span all three gens, natch)

Think, suggest, run free and wild you beautiful bastards...!
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