The Pope (jubilantbrat) wrote in pib,
The Pope


Which is the upcoming Friday (and three day weekend, woo) lets say we try for some RP around 8ish or 9ish? We can continue with the last session or start something else depending on whose available. May be even do something wolfy or um, spidery. I haven't a clue.

Give us some feedback, I'd like to hear your voices.
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'course, it all depends on me getting off work on-timish. We'll see. I'll be off work 7:30p my time. And by then, we should have our Bangarang kitten. He's a cute little bugger and I'm sure MAC will fill the intarwebs with pictures of the guy.

Well, that's all I know. I'd like to pull Doug out for the next session, but I'm kinda up for whatever.
I am all for the Doug-ness. I'll probably be in a similar situation and have kitten duty as well, but I'd like to RP. Think about how you'd want to bring Doug in, Aussle, and who you might want him to interact with.

Also, if you're still interested, we can pick up where we left off with Chimera soon.