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Hi! I am cutting this for length, and the fact that I am lazy and went to bed before your sexy self showed up, but I demand that you read! (pleaseplease)

[21:19] SavvyRumPirate: So we've had ideas!
[21:19] WsdmsPryde: Many ideas!
[21:19] WsdmsPryde: Concerning puppies.
[21:19] WsdmsPryde: And you. And Tami. And other hot chicks which really just consists of you and Tami.
[21:20] sappho13: Okey dokey. Hit me. Tami won't be on until much later 'cause she's a Working Girl now!
[21:20] sappho13: (PS I also want to prod you mercilessly about EI and point out the new Domni picture to you. *beams innocently*)
[21:20] WsdmsPryde: ::squeals and runs to look:: She's working? That is so hot. Where's she at?
[21:21] WsdmsPryde: Gabby wants to know if she's a stripper.
[21:22] sappho13: She is. She works at Electronics Boutique. I just found out the other day. I'd be jealous of her clients if she were a stripper.
[21:22] SavvyRumPirate: She works and plays WoW? Man, thats me perfect woman.
[21:23] WsdmsPryde: That tiny hussy, she gets a discount and everything... ::huffs::
[21:23] WsdmsPryde: That explains the WoW, at least.
[21:23] sappho13: What? Plays WoW?
[21:23] SavvyRumPirate: I dunno. When I tried speaking with her last she said she had a WoW mission running.
[21:23] WsdmsPryde: I think we all would. ^_^
[21:24] sappho13: *blinks* I'm confused. I didn't think she played WoW.
[21:24] SavvyRumPirate: See, I could be lying.
[21:24] SavvyRumPirate: But I coulda sword...!
[21:24] sappho13: Sure she didn't say WoE? *giggles* Though, hey, she might and never told me.
[21:25] SavvyRumPirate: See, I haven't a clue now.
[21:25] SavvyRumPirate: I coulda swore it was WoW
[21:25] WsdmsPryde: Which is really your natural state of being.
[21:25] WsdmsPryde: So!
[21:25] SavvyRumPirate: But then I've been known to like not read things proper...!
[21:25] sappho13: We will figure it out. Never you fear, my Pope!
[21:26] WsdmsPryde: How do you feel about us getting off our three asses (by which I mean Gabby, myself and Brat), and the lot of us finishing the whole lukoi/naga thingy?
[21:26] SavvyRumPirate: LIES!
[21:26] SavvyRumPirate: I mean, yeah, finishing that might be GOOD.
[21:26] WsdmsPryde: Since it's only been a gajillion years.
[21:26] sappho13: I would REALLY LIKE THE GETTING OFF AND DOING! It would be fun!
[21:28] SavvyRumPirate: So may be we can set something up, yuh?
[21:28] SavvyRumPirate: How does yer calendar look, sweets?
[21:29] sappho13: We can, yeppers. Unfortunately, I'm not really available for RP until next Sunday. I have a friend coming up to visit and I pick her up at the airport tomorrow night.
[21:32] SavvyRumPirate: So are we actually gonna RP the Naga thing out or just assume its over and move on...?
[21:32] WsdmsPryde: Well, we should coordinate with Tami as well.
[21:32] sappho13: Well, if we don't RP it, we need at least a rundown of everything that happened, yeah? At least so we're all on the same page.
[21:33] sappho13: *thinks* I believe she'll be on around 11 or so. Maybe.
[21:33] sappho13: If my math is right.
[21:33] WsdmsPryde: ::nods:: We can always talk the actual fight over, and RP out the bits prior and after, if that's the case.
[21:34] WsdmsPryde: Maybe we can make a journal post, or catch her later... Brat and I are nancies and will be going to bed soonish.
[21:34] WsdmsPryde: I was thinkin' on the whole lukoi 'verse side of things, though...
[21:34] SavvyRumPirate: So is Raul gonna take down King Cobra?
[21:34] WsdmsPryde: We shall see!
[21:35] WsdmsPryde: (By which I mean yes.)
[21:35] SavvyRumPirate: Well, not that he's actually gonna die but you get what I'm saying.
[21:35] WsdmsPryde: Yar.
[21:35] WsdmsPryde: We'll hammer it out.
[21:35] WsdmsPryde: Well, we have the two Louisiana packs.
[21:35] SavvyRumPirate: Yessssssss.
[21:35] WsdmsPryde: And Gabby will be orchestrating the giganto pack in Texas/bits of Louisiana run by Donald Sutherland.
[21:35] sappho13: A journal post would actually be a bril idea. We can have a running discussion about what we want to happen and all.
[21:36] SavvyRumPirate: Angie is clearly the brains of this outfit.
[21:36] WsdmsPryde: And Brat has a pack in LA she will be hauling out.
[21:36] WsdmsPryde: She usually is, though. It's called the common sense which we lack.
[21:36] SavvyRumPirate: 'Cuz I'm good with the black people and the latinos, yo.
[21:36] sappho13: That's scary even though I'm the blonde!
[21:36] sappho13: So, wait, Gabby has a pack that bleeds into Lousiana, too? Eep! That state is crowded.
[21:37] WsdmsPryde: Well, just a tiny bit.
[21:37] SavvyRumPirate: We can blame it on the mystical pull of the swamps.
[21:37] SavvyRumPirate: It makes sense, I guess, the area being what it is.
[21:37] WsdmsPryde: We came up with it on the road trip, as they are a very eastern Texas pack, and due to numbers (something like 400+), there's a bit of bleedover.
[21:38] WsdmsPryde: We also figured that there is a small pack in New Hampshire (came up with this when we picked my things up from Massachusetts).
[21:38] WsdmsPryde: With a very powerful ulfric.
[21:38] sappho13: *nods* Okay. So long as they're mostly in Texas, it's not too hideous. No wonder all the wolves are a bit tetchy down there, though!
[21:38] sappho13: That would be the one that's slated to go rogue, right?
[21:38] SavvyRumPirate: Oooh yeah.
[21:38] WsdmsPryde: Yar.
[21:38] SavvyRumPirate: He's a scary man.
[21:39] WsdmsPryde: He has gone completely fuck-nuts, given over to his beast, and compelled his entire pack to do the same with the lone exception of his lupa.
[21:39] SavvyRumPirate: The Los Angeles pack has about 300+ members.
[21:39] WsdmsPryde: (Who I am now envisioning as Rebecca Gayheart, ty, Brat.)
[21:39] SavvyRumPirate: HA!
[21:39] WsdmsPryde: Lots of mangy mutts in one city. It's nasty.
[21:39] SavvyRumPirate: He's a fucking monsterous beast, the Ulfric.
[21:39] SavvyRumPirate: I figure even for a werewolf he's huge.
[21:39] sappho13: *nods* I'm following.
[21:40] WsdmsPryde: That NH pack is actually attacking people now, and the state, for what it's worth, might as well be cordoned off. Martial law kind of thing.
[21:40] WsdmsPryde: So!
[21:40] WsdmsPryde: The lupa is the sole voice of reason within her pack.
[21:40] sappho13: *nods* I'm remembering all this. Keen-ness.
[21:40] WsdmsPryde: Bueno!
[21:41] SavvyRumPirate: She's slowly being turned too. Its amazing she managed to hang this long.
[21:41] WsdmsPryde: You prolly remember the other lukoi sending cleanup teams in, then.
[21:41] WsdmsPryde: And of course there are always the lycanthrope hunters coming in on the government's invitation.
[21:41] WsdmsPryde: "Here, clean this up."
[21:41] WsdmsPryde: "We'll give you moneys!!"
[21:42] SavvyRumPirate: I've got a hunter made and prepped ^_^
[21:42] WsdmsPryde: We've got five hunters in mind for the time being.
[21:42] sappho13: *nods* And some hunters just like the deathy death so money is a bonus, of course. The problem needs solving. Pronto. The other lukoi kind of hope to defuse things before the hunters clean the place out -or- everything becomes
[21:42] sappho13: even more of a PR hell.
[21:42] WsdmsPryde: Si.
[21:43] WsdmsPryde: So Brat has the suburbanite hunter (John Cusack ::glee::).
[21:43] WsdmsPryde: Gabby wants to make a Russian one.
[21:43] WsdmsPryde: I am trying to sucker Austin into playing a Bruce Campbell/Ash-esque one.
[21:43] WsdmsPryde: I dunno if I'll play him or Mike will, but there is a Tommy Lee Jones type one.
[21:43] sappho13: Because he would be God-like in that role.
[21:43] sappho13: *nods*
[21:44] WsdmsPryde: And finally we have the communications hub between them all, the little key point himself, the Kiefer Sutherland. P.S. his daddy is an ulfric. ::beams::
[21:45] sappho13: Interesting indeed.
[21:45] WsdmsPryde: I figure the hunters are also a way to ensure that we do not, the five of us, get too overburdened with characters. I wouldn't worry if we had more players, but...
[21:45] sappho13: *giggles* So creating more characters to limit characters is the tack we're going? It makes a certain twisted sense.
[21:46] WsdmsPryde: I like the sick irony of it all.
[21:46] WsdmsPryde: It seems to fit with our general theme.
[21:46] WsdmsPryde: So what I wanted to know is if you think you'd find any of this interesting. Same goes for Tami, naturally.
[21:47] sappho13: Well... I'm up for the lukoi going north to deal with it. I believe we once mentioned it would be a Freki's job and that would send my Molly up-north, of course.
[21:47] WsdmsPryde: Yep! ^_^
[21:47] sappho13: Lukoi may fight amongst themselves like whoa but a rogue pack endagers them ALL so of course they'd want to take care.
[21:48] sappho13: I think there was also mention of Raul sending Ian up with Zane for the Vert part of the lukoi convention?
[21:48] SavvyRumPirate: Heh, that would mean Chico too, Dora.
[21:48] WsdmsPryde: Exactly. They are already in an unsteady boat. No reason to punch holes in it.
[21:48] WsdmsPryde: Ian as well, yesm.
[21:48] SavvyRumPirate: Molly and Tybalt.
[21:48] WsdmsPryde: Ah, Chico... He would do well up there.
[21:48] SavvyRumPirate: Chico and Lorna, actually.
[21:49] WsdmsPryde: Chico> I'm going to freeze my balls off!
[21:49] sappho13: *snickers* Ironical. Molly probably handles Tybalt best out of the Morte. What with not being a crazy-ass bitch and all.
[21:49] WsdmsPryde: The only one of them. >_<
[21:49] SavvyRumPirate: Lorna> ::sighs, smacks him on the backside of his head::
[21:49] SavvyRumPirate: Molly would do well in the environment and Tybalt just needs to get the death on.
[21:50] sappho13: Molly is a Special Woman. *snickers*
[21:50] SavvyRumPirate: I'm sure Lorna would be one of the few Ulfrics to show up in person
[21:50] WsdmsPryde: I'd like to see how Molly would react in that situation.
[21:50] sappho13: Hell of a convention then. Ian and Tybalt would have to Not Kill Each Other.
[21:50] WsdmsPryde: It'd be great! Imagine them having to share a hotel room.
[21:50] sappho13: ... Ian and Tybalt? Isn't that the stuff of yaoi fangirls fantasies?
[21:50] SavvyRumPirate: EWWWWWWWWW
[21:50] WsdmsPryde: Sadly.
[21:51] sappho13: I weep inside. Char has to make it all better for Ian or he'll cry, too.
[21:52] WsdmsPryde: Raul will probably make her just so Ian doesn't bitch.
[21:52] sappho13: Ian: ... *smirks* I'd like to see Raul -try- to make Char do something she don't wanna do.
[21:54] SavvyRumPirate: Char>::picking at her nails:: Just buncha stupid boys is what you lot are...
[21:54] WsdmsPryde: So, to be totally pushy, do you think you would maybe possibly be interested in playing a slightly-mad-mostly-not lupa or a lycanthrope hunter with a voice like sex?
[21:54] SavvyRumPirate: Mmm, voice sex.
[21:54] WsdmsPryde: It came out awfully nice, though. They flow very well.
[21:55] sappho13: ... I half want to play the crazy lupa.
[21:55] sappho13: Ian: *smug* Yep, you know it, girl.
[21:55] WsdmsPryde: I had totally planned on propositioning you and Tami from the get-go.
[21:56] SavvyRumPirate: 'Cuz really, you'd both be perfect for it.
[21:56] sappho13: *beams* I haven't played crazy in ages!
[21:56] SavvyRumPirate: See, after the NH stuff gets settled I can bring out the rats.
[21:56] WsdmsPryde: Yay!
[21:56] sappho13: Or half-crazy, at least.
[21:56] SavvyRumPirate: It'll be fun!
[21:56] sappho13: *grins* So the plan is finish naga mess, move onto NH?
[21:56] SavvyRumPirate: Yep!
[21:57] sappho13: Oh! And what's up with the Keiko situation?
[21:57] WsdmsPryde: God willing.
[21:57] SavvyRumPirate: Thats a good question.
[21:57] SavvyRumPirate: ::stares at Dora::
[21:57] WsdmsPryde: Was it her ties to the munin that were keeping her from going batshit insane, Brat?
[21:57] SavvyRumPirate: The lupa?
[21:57] WsdmsPryde: Yuh.
[21:57] SavvyRumPirate: Yep.
[21:57] WsdmsPryde: Oy, Keiko. Um.
[21:58] WsdmsPryde: I think it would wind up being a fight-it-out situation.
[21:58] SavvyRumPirate: Ian just has to be a difficult prick about the whole thing, heh.
[21:58] sappho13: *nods* It would have to be. However, if she fought Ian pre-Naga... They'd be too banged up to help in the Naga thing! *snickers* Ian is a difficult bastard.
[21:58] WsdmsPryde: It's Ian. I can't even blame him.
[21:59] SavvyRumPirate: It would have to wait until after. Raul can't have both of them out.
[21:59] WsdmsPryde: In light of the whole fighting-snakes situation, Raul would definitely tell them to put it on hold, along with anyone else who was fighting for dominance.
[21:59] sappho13: Ian says that he thinks he has every right to be a difficult prick. He firmly believes that none of it is his fault either. *snickers* He blames Raul for being such a whiny pussy. Pins the whole mess starting back at Jael.
[21:59] SavvyRumPirate: Jael> I'm dead and angry!
[21:59] WsdmsPryde: ::dies::
[22:00] SavvyRumPirate: Jael> Just wait until my spirit can come back and bite you all in the ass.
[22:00] sappho13: Makes sense to me. After talking with Char, I can't see Ian being able to "throw" a fight with Keiko, anyway. Besides, he really, really dislikes her at the moment. She messed everything up! *snickers* He's a DORK
[22:00] WsdmsPryde: He's a man, which really equates to the same thing.
[22:00] sappho13: Good point.
[22:00] SavvyRumPirate: Keiko> Beat up a guy's a girlfriend and you never live it down...yeesh.
[22:01] WsdmsPryde: I think I am going to clean this up a bit and put it on LJ and point it at Tami and lapse into a coma soon.
[22:01] sappho13: Ian: Fuck, no. It's not even that. Char can handle herself. *eyes Keiko* I'm more pissed 'cause you can't even stick with bein' a crazy Mort bitch. Don't trust you much.
[22:01] SavvyRumPirate: Char> So when the fuck is Raul gonna pick a lupa? Thats the real question.
[22:01] sappho13: You are brilliant.
[22:01] WsdmsPryde: Once the naga thing is over, really.
[22:02] SavvyRumPirate: Keiko> Says the man that wanted to get bit. Look in the mirror before you judge me, big boy!
[22:02] sappho13: Good! *snickers* Ian is bubbling up inside and ready to give Raul a Quiet Talk about responsibility.
[22:02] WsdmsPryde: And I imagine that it will be Brat and Tami duking it out for that role.
[22:02] SavvyRumPirate: Its like that birds and the bees talk...
[22:02] sappho13: Keiko vs. Judy?
[22:02] SavvyRumPirate: Char> I HATE JUDY.
[22:02] WsdmsPryde: Yes'm!
[22:02] sappho13: *dies giggling* So Ian says, "When a man loves a woman, Raul..."
[22:03] WsdmsPryde: Raul> Ian, get out.
[22:03] SavvyRumPirate: Char> I really HATE JUDY.
[22:03] sappho13: Ian: Yeah, well, I fuckin' hate Keiko. *shrugs*
[22:03] SavvyRumPirate: Char> Yeah but I have boobs, I win.
[22:03] sappho13: Ian: No, you don't. *amused* Bitch.
[22:03] SavvyRumPirate: Char> ::beams:: Asshole.
[22:04] SavvyRumPirate: Raul is gonna fuck the whole thing up anyway.
[22:04] SavvyRumPirate: Keiko or Judy wins and its still a divide.
[22:04] sappho13: Ian: *beams back* Cunt.
[22:04] sappho13: Raul seems like he was -born- to fuck up lately. Poor idiot. The thing's a mess. I know Ian would never ever bow to Keiko as his lupa. Despite his great love for Raul.
[22:05] SavvyRumPirate: Char>:::perfect smile:: Cock sucker.
[22:05] sappho13: He's not crazy about Judy either but Keiko's way worse in his mind.
[22:05] sappho13: Ian: *showing the pearly whites* Fuckin' slut.
[22:05] SavvyRumPirate: Char won't even look at Judy.
[22:05] WsdmsPryde: Unless a third candidate shows up out of the blue, I don't think anyone is really going to be happy.
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