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Lycanthrope descriptions I have written for the site. I figured other people besides myself and Dora should see them. Feedback, comments and sex is a welcome.

Ratzors, I just wrote this one today. I'm sure the more detailed descriptions I wrote of the alpha stuff will go somewhere.

Were-rats are typically found in all major cities around the world. They may not always be the group in power but they are more often then not the deciding factor on which group remains in power. Their numbers are large (usually 300+) and highly organized, though it may not always appear so to outsiders. The rats are a clever, secretive bunch making it a wise decision to stay on their good side.

The rats are unique in the sense that no other group of lycanthropes has such a complex hierarchy. The rats have courts that are very similar to those you’d find in early France or medieval England. Candidates for King are chosen, not by birthright but by the rats as a group. There can be anywhere from one to five “elected” who are then put through a series of physical and mental tests against each other and outside rats who have made themselves “heirs to the throne”.

The candidate that survives the tests and other rats is crowned King in a ceremony that ends with a brand of a crown being burned into his forearm. It is then up to the King to start putting together his court. Ideally the King will choose a Queen right away, followed by his Knights (numbering anywhere from two to five), a Jester, Courtesans (usually three to six, depending on the size of his “kingdom”), and rarely, Nobles. A rat Noble is usually someone who tried for King and did not quite make it, this makes the Noble either a strong ally or a dangerous nuisance. Choosing a Noble is often a sign of weakness to other rats, a King must be able to handle his people himself no matter how large their numbers may get.


This was written as a story telling narration. The gators were created by magic and the condition is now hereditary . Bebette is a Cajun term I found its a term of endearment meaning something like "little monster", Nanan and Parran mean Godmother and Godfather.

In our family there is a story that is passed down
from one generation to the next. The story is only
told when one of the children decides to leave and go
beyond the swamps and bayous we’ve called home for
over a century. It is a tale of our ancestors and our
birthright. And now that you’ve decided to leave it is
time you hear the story. Hush, bebette, and listen to
your history…

Not so long ago our people were brought to this place
kicking and screaming in strange tongues the white man
could never understand. They brought us here to work
their fields, clean their houses and keep their
children better then our own. We were stronger then
the others they tried to enslave, our bodies were not
soft and did not break under the pressures of work or
bend from the lashes we received from the slave
master’s whip. They may have owned they land but it
was our blood they spilled upon it and our hands that
toiled to make it a place to live. Yes, they owned it
in name but we become one with it in spirit.

They tried everything they could to keep us down,
bebette. They punished us for speaking our language,
for performing our rituals and so many either forgot
themselves or did things in secret. Others refused to
stay quiet and they hung from trees, bloated, rotting
examples of what happened if you did not obey the
white mans rules. Your Nanan and Parran were already
old at this time. They had stayed quiet, kept their
heads down and did what they were told. The white man
did not suspect a thing but the other slaves knew,
Nanan and Parran were holy people and they had finally
decided they would go free.

On a clear night, when the moon was full and the
crickets and frogs covered all noise with their song,
Nanan and Parran started a ritual. One that would set
them free and make them part of the swamps they had
come to love. They had invited others to join and this
was their one mistake. There was a Judas among them,
one that brought the white man down on them with his
guns and dogs. They had no choice but to run and so
they did, into the swamps and the white man followed.

And that, bebette, was the white man’s final mistake.

Nanan and Parran’s powers were not to be
underestimated and when they run into the swamp the
ritual was complete. The swamp, she welcomed the
slaves with open arms, she made them her strongest
children. She made it so they could take vengeance on
the white man and they wasted no time in doing so.

The next day there wasn't anything left worth finding.
Only some ripped up clothes and the torn up mess that
was a dog. Gators, they said. The whole lot, slaves
and masters must have walked into a nest.

We know the truth they, don't we? And that, bebette,
is why you can't leave, not for long. Nanan and
Parran, they'll be calling for you soon and when they
do, you'll know better than to keep them waiting.

Hyenas, the shortest and straight to the point!

Unique and uncommon amongst the lycanthrope
community werehyenas tend to have a basic pack
structure with only one alpha. Called the Ooba, this
alpha is almost always female or even in rare
occasions a hermaphrodite exhibiting more feminine
features than male. Even much of the gathered pack
is female and this all due to the fact that like
their wild "cousins" werehyena females are bigger
and stronger than their male counter-parts.
To find a dominant or alpha male is extremely rare
and almost unheard of.

The dominance fights between the pack females are
constant. Threats to the Ooba's base of power are an
all to common occurrence, most alphas do not live
long, once they are past their physical prime they
either run or are more commonly killed. As a result
the Ooba will commonly surround itself with the
strongest dominants (though they will never have an
official title) to keep the in fighting to a minimum
and to keep its own rivals close. Most groups tend
to underestimate the hyenas because of their
fighting but this is hardly the case. Hyenas fight
amongst themselves and no one else if any outsiders
chose to get involved or threaten the pack they will
be killed without hesitation.
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