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Updates on... things!

Since we have effectively split the game into three pieces -- the Marvel-verse, the Hamilton-verse, and the Highlander-verse, I will be creating separate websites for all of them. Hopefully doing so will mean that the big site (now the Marvel one) will be easier to maintain, and as a result I'll be able to actually finish the flippin' thing.

However, it is simpler for me to just create the two smaller sites for the other games before I tackle that monster of a hurdle, and as a result I've been working on the Hamilton game. That means this will only be interesting to a few of you. It's called Blue Moon Rising at the moment (if you don't like the name, say something and we'll reconvene to discuss), and hopefully this week I will be adding pack information for the two New Orleans groups. Brat is working on city-specific info, and if anyone has suggestions or would like to volunteer for a writeup, hey, I won't complain. It's barely finished at the moment, as evidenced by a major lack of links, but we're getting there. Opinions would be awesome.
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