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It appears that I have rediscovered my zen through Photoshoppage. I really, really want to do something for the lukoi game, but have no song-type material to associate with characters. Would any of the involved parties be able to share something? Personally, I've always found it difficult to come up with that kind of thing for this game, aside from my lone picture for Mariah and Colette.

Anyone? Anyone? Please?
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For the lukoi alone or any songs/characters at all? Let me check my list (Yes, I have a list of songs and characters for future reference. Please to be not laughing at me.) Let's see. The only wolf set I have is Offspring's Defy You for the du Vert in general. I'll think on this further.
I actually have a folder specifically for that purposes, with text files of songs saved by character. ^_^

I'm in a lycanthropic kind of mood right now -- I've been playing with the website a little and have been trying to do a few more write-ups for it, but I'm hoping to get some Photoshop time in. Anything you may have would do, really, as I'd like to compare notes. <3
Also, Robbie = teh hawt.
Robbie is ALWAYS teh hawt. It's like water is wet, y'know. Anyway...

Let's see what I've got on my sad little list (I'm sure I've forgotten most in between the trip from car to computer over time.)

Live and Let Die - Wings (Inessa)
Whippin' Piccadilly - Gomez (Johnny Jr.)
Heaven From Here - Robbie Williams (Kitty/Pete?)

Um... *frowns* I thought I had more. One's a Domni/Vaughn, though, and there's one for an Immortal duo that Tami and I never got around to showing/finishing. And the heinously embarrassing I Touch Myself for Becca/Akili because they suck.