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Blah, blah, blah.

So I realize that since the girls and I set up house, communication has become pretty pathetic on our end. Not that any of us three have ever been particularly amazing about it, but -- and forgive me from sounding egomanical here -- we three seem to be something like a cornerstone. Gabby and I haul the new people in, Nik does her thing, and bam, we have an active game. With the convenience (solely on our end) of living together, we've become distracted. And I apologize to everyone for that.

Apologies aside, is anyone opposed to us doing something about it? More specifically, would anyone be interested in resuming the Sunday calls? Certainly not every week -- I do not want to either fuck with anyone's schedule (yet) or get us overwhelmed and thus useless -- but perhaps every two weeks or thereabouts? I know that things have been poor on our end, but believe me when I say that we miss all of you. A lot.

So tell me what you think, and tell me how you might want to see us keep the channels open.
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