The Pope (jubilantbrat) wrote in pib,
The Pope

Sky and Al, Act I (Hi Angie! ^_^))

5 a.m, LAX, Courtyard by Marriot, Room 106

Whoever said “the older you are the less sleep you need” must have lived with Alma L’Angelle. The sun hasn’t even risen yet and while the morning traffic has long since started it had only been a mere three hours earlier that Al and Sky had tumbled into their hotel room. It had been a lovely night of binge drinking and who knows what at the airport bar, something Al had insisted on doing as she had “never gotten plastered” at a place of travel before. And now impossibly (and perhaps cruelly) Al is up, dressed and terribly coherent.

Sky, however is not, which is something Al has set herself to remedying. In a gleeful manner Al leaps upon her companion’s bed and starts jumping up and down.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know it’s not your birthday but I figure it’s a nice thing to shout in the morning! C’mon get UP. We’ve got a flight to catch!”
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