Misplaced Pryde (droa) wrote in pib,
Misplaced Pryde

The Highlander game

So I've been working on the site a metric shit-ton, because right now four people with vastly different schedules just isn't cutting it. I also redesigned the Marvel forum to be for the HL game instead (the Marvel revamp will come later), so that we can stay in touch, discuss any game stuff, post any stories and occasionally RP when we just can't get in the same room.

Nik and I had been thinking about going on a recruiting drive to get a handful of more people for the game. Those of us involved are pretty damn fabulous, if I may say so, but so few of us can't carry the entire universe. So we've signed up for AOL and have a couple of people interested.

Tami, Angie, I'd really like your thoughts on this, because I know it's been a bitch and a half to get us all together lately, and we have not been talking nearly enough.
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