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Perverts in Black

the hussies of the rpg world

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The LiveJournal community to go along with the mailing list for PiB, the mixed bag of role-playing games. I just figure it'll be a little easier to post random announcements here, rather than the mailing list where I always feel like I'm cluttering up peoples' inboxes.

As such, this would be the place for discussing niggling little details when people aren't necessarily online for real time chat. I fancy that gallery and character page additions ought to be posted here to cut back on the aforementioned inbox thing. If you want to take anything in character, then by all means -- I don't think anyone will complain.

And if you find something interesting that could be used for the game, put it here, as the Research/Graphics Whore will thank you kindly.

If you're not part of the game but want to play the voyeur, that's fine. You might want to check the website first, though, as we get really hard to comprehend if you don't know the game personally.